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Two admission tracks

Via a highly selective national examination

Admission as a normalien student, via a highly selective national examination.
The competition is open to:
> French and EU students, funded by the State
> Non-EU students, scholarship funded

Two recruitment levels and two highly competitive national examinations:
  • First year at ENS Rennes: after a two year post-baccalauréat preparatory program called "classes préparatoires".
  • Third year at ENS Rennes: after the first year of a Master's Degree or for holders of a degree delivered by a top business or engineering school.

Via a jury admission

Admission as 
a degree seeking student at Master's or PhD levels

or an international student
or a visiting non-degree student or exchange student
Recruitment is based on the quality of the application.
If students meet certain required conditions, they can be awarded the ENS Rennes diploma or Magistère Degree.

Date of update June 29, 2017