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Life at Ker Lann Campus

Life at Ker Lann campus

Students can take advantage of the dynamism of Rennes and the facilities offered by the different campuses for cultural and sports activities. Most students live in the centre of Rennes, at the heart of the university city where they enjoy a very high quality environment.
More specifically, student life at ENS Rennes is organized around the students' union, the arts association, the sports association and the many affiliated clubs which enjoy the use of dedicated premises on the Ker Lann campus and support from the school.
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Inaugurated just over 20 years ago, Ker Lann campus brings together higher education institutions, a faculty of trades, vocational training schools and innovative companies, all within its 165-hectare wooded grounds on the outskirts of Rennes.
Below you can find some information that will help you to find your bearings on the campus.

Date of update June 26, 2017