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Student associations

With approximately 400 students enrolled, ENS Rennes is a teaching establishment on a human scale. In recent years, the school has enjoyed a very dynamic student life in which all the departments have become involved, based on projects run by the students’ office (BDE) and its various clubs: music, theatre, musicals, dance, board games and cooking groups being at the forefront. The sports office also proposes an array of various activities.

> Students’ office (bureau des élèves) of ENS Rennes
Throughout the year, the Student Union Association proposes a multitude of activities clubbing together all students from all departments, for example : freshman integration week, parties and a week skiing, etc. The students’ office also proposes a multitude of clubs: music, dance, photography, cinema, opera, improvisation, oenology, gastronomy, board games, video games, poker, hikes, junior enterprise, legal culture, Ker Lann newspaper, raising awareness of disabilities, etc.
> EntretiENS
EntretiENS is a club created by ENS Rennes, in 2013. Its mission is to organise conferences within the school given by outside participants. The goal is therefore to encourage interdisciplinary encounters, to promote the exchange of ideas and debates and satisfy the intellectual curiosity of ENS students and that of the audience of these conferences. They are unrestricted, free and open to all: students, lecturers, retired persons, members of associations, citizens interested in the event, etc.

> Sports Office (Bureau des Sports ) of ENS Rennes
The sports office is an association that encourages and organises the practice of optional physical and sporting activities, for both students and staff of ENS Rennes. The management board, stemming from the governing body, comprises a physical and sports education teacher and students who are members of the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU).
The sports office has three divisions :
• The coaching division, which organises and coaches various sports activities,,
• The FFSU division, which proposes trips for interuniversity competitions,
• The events division, which allows the various departments to meet as part of activities organised by
the sports office. Several not-to-be-missed events are organised by the sports office throughout the year:
• The Inter-ENS: This is an intense sporting competition
between the students of the various ENS schools, but also the biggest festive event of the year,
• The EDHEC cruise race: 160 schools gather for a competition that takes place on sea, land and sand. Some 3,000 students meet to practice sport, but also to party…
• The Rennes Atalante Olympic Games (Olympiades): For the past four years, ENS has taken part in this event for innovative schools and companies from Rennes. This sporting event is a convivial moment, in terms of both competition and pleasure.
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Date of update May 4, 2017