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Foreign students who arrive at ENS Rennes have access to traditional or renovated rooms that have been pre-reserved with the CROUS. Contact the SRI for further information or to make a reservation.

Main sites in Rennes

The regional student welfare office (CROUS), located at number 7, place Hoche, in Rennes, provides various real estate properties to let. Based on your choice, your finances and what is available, several types of accommodation are available for rent in three main sites in Rennes:
> Beaulieu Campus
Avenue du Professeur Foulon – 35700 Rennes
Residence of 614 renovated rooms and 850 traditional rooms. The renovated rooms are equipped with a fridge, a toilet and shower in the room. In the more traditional rooms, the toilets are shared.
> Villejean Campus
2, rue d’Alsace – 35000 Rennes
Residence comprising 300 studios of 20 m² and 30 m², and 920 renovated rooms of 9 m². The studios are furnished with a kitchenette, TV socket, telephone and Wifi. The renovated rooms are equipped with a fridge, and have a toilet and shower.
> Rennes Centre
94, boulevard de Sévigné - 35700 Rennes
Residence comprising 109 renovated studios of 20 m² and 30 m², and 136 renovated rooms. All the 1-bedroom apartments are furnished and have a kitchenette, TV socket, telephone and Wifi.The renovate rooms are equipped with a fridge and have a toilet and a shower. They give entitlement to the housing allowance.

On Ker Lann Campus

On-campus accommodation is also available. There are six residences in Ker Lann.
> Louis de Broglie
250 fully equipped studios and shared lodgings. Reception and support teams, secured access, Internet connection, bicycle shed, car park, laundry, TV room and newspapers, sports hall, day and night watchman.
Tel.: +33(0)2 99 05 84 01

>Les Jardins de Ker Lann
192 unfurnished lodgings, from studios to onebedroom duplex apartments. Equipped kitchenette, watchman, Internet access.
Tel.: +33(0)2 99 30 82 18
>Club Campus
117 unfurnished lodgings, from studios of 30 m² to duplex apartments. Equipped kitchenette, bicycle park, computer cabling.
Tel.: +33(0)2 99 35 53 53
>Léonard de Vinci
107 furnished studios In-house steward, equipped kitchenette, cafeteria with television, lift, laundry, bicycle park, interphone, linen supply service, housekeeping.
Tel.: +33(0)6 60 84 83 13
154 furnished lodgings, with the “Confort Plus” label offering greater comfort. Studios, several of 20 m² and 30 m² and some duplex apartments, in-house manager, computer cabling, equipped kitchenette, multipurpose hall, bicycle shed, laundry.
Tel.: +33(0)2 99 57 14 67
210 furnished studios (from 18 to 35 m2), short-, medium- and long-term stays. Wifi, TV, collective and equipped kitchens, common room, bicycle park, housekeeping service.
Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 05 92 07


Custom-built studios for people with disabilities are also provided in some student residences.

You will be requested to pay one month’s rent in advance to obtain the keys to your room or apartment. This amount will be returned to you at the end of your stay, within two months of your departure, if no damage has occurred to your room.

Rental insurance is compulsory before entering the premises. In CROUS accommodation, you do not pay the housing tax.
N.B. The CROUS no longer provides bed linen. This type of accommodation also gives entitlement to the housing allowance from the CAF (see below).
Website of the Rennes CROUS :
> Rental insurance
Minimum insurance (fire, water damage, civil liability) is compulsory for all tenants renting in France, including for rentals of less than one year. In addition, you can insure objects of value (laptop computer, personal belongings, etc.), by taking out a slightly more expensive insurance policy. During university open days at the start of term, insurance companies are present on the campus to enable you to take out on-the-spot rental insurance. Students who have subscribed to French student social
security can take out rental insurance with their student mutual insurance fund SMEBA or LMDE. During their administrative enrollment, they will receive the necessary application form.
For further information, visit or

Students who have requested an extension of their private insurance from their country of origin can take out rental insurance with the bank in which they opened their French bank account.
> Guarantor
When you rent accommodation, either privately or in a student residence, there is a system known as ‘guarantor’ (‘garant’ in French). This person, who co-signs the rental agreement, commits to settling the amount of rent due to the lessor if you are unable to do so. The guarantor must reside in France and be credit-worthy. This system does not apply to room reservations in student halls as part of the ENS Rennes/CROUS contract.
>  Housing assistance
In relation to your situation and your financial resources, you may benefit from housing assistance managed by the family allowance fund (CAF). To receive this aid, you must complete the application form for housing assistance, available on the CAF website:
A guide is also available under the heading ‘international’:

Date of update June 26, 2017