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Getting to ENS Rennes

ENS Rennes is located on the Ker Lann campus, some 15 minutes from Rennes city centre. This beautiful 170-hectare campus is mainly home to higher education institutions and innovative companies.

The course programmes organized at ENS Rennes are underpinned by a strong partnership with the universities of Rennes and in part take place on the Rennes campuses (Beaulieu, Villejean or the city centre). On each of them, as on the Ker Lann campus, the resources available mean that high quality teaching is provided, under excellent conditions.
The Ker Lann campus is situated close to the city of Rennes and combines the advantages of both city and country life.

Getting to Rennes

By high speed train (TGV) : 
By plane :


Getting to Ker Lann campus

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If you are travelling by plane to :

  • Rennes airport : The campus is situated just 5 minutes from Rennes Saint-Jacques airport. On leaving the airport, turn left, continue straight ahead for 500 m. Take bus number 57, direction Bruz’ to go to the campus or direction ‘Rennes République’ to go to the centre of Rennes. The stop for ENS Rennes is Robert Schuman.
  • Nantes airport : Nantes airport is 70 minutes from campus. You have to take a shuttle bus from the airport to the train station (there is a shuttle bus every 20 minutes, price: €7.50). Take the train direction Rennes. When you arrive in Rennes, take the metro direction ‘Poterie’, exit at ‘République’. Take bus 57, rue du Pré Botté.

If you are travelling by high speed train (TGV) :

  • From Paris, take the TGV at Montparnasse station, direction Rennes. When you arrive at Rennes, you have two options :
  • you can take the train direction ‘Redon’ and get off at ‘Ker Lann’ station
  •  or you can take the metro direction ‘Poterie’, exit at ‘République’ and take bus 57, rue du Pré Botté. It is less than 10 minutes by train from the TGV station to the campus.
    For further information, visit the website :
plan accès ENS Rennes depuis la halte sncf

If you are travelling by car :

The dual carriageway from the city centre of Rennes allows fast and simple access in 20 minutes. Take direction Nantes, exit ‘Chartres de Bretagne’, go straight to ‘Ker Lann’ roundabout, take the exit ‘Campus de Ker Lann’. Go straight as far as Avenue Robert Schuman.

If you are travelling by bus :

Line 57, direction ‘Bruz’. The bus connects Ker Lann to Rennes city centre in just 25 minutes. There is also the Ker Lann Express, which links Rennes city centre directly with the campus. It has very few stops and is 5 to 10 minutes faster than the standard bus. The ticket costs €1.50 and is valid for one hour for both bus and metro.

Date of update June 26, 2017